Classes and groups


Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop

2 x 1,5 hours of classes, prepared with passion and wisdom by Xesc Bujosa & Alice Meï, and María Ferrer & César Cano. Everybody will have classes with both teaching couples.

Included in Full Pass and Lindy Pass

Crossover Session

Crossover Session

A class, a party… a great get-together. All the festival’s teachers, with all the participants for 1,5 hours of exchange and sharing. The best way to start the big Saturday party.

Included in all passes.

Solo Jazz

Solo Jazz

2 x 1,5 of classes with Coline Avril, to groove and awaken your body to music and emotions 🙂

2 groups: relax & challenge.

If you are a Full Pass holder, your Solo Jazz group will be determined by your Lindy Hop group, according to the following rule:

  • beginner-intermediate & intermediate–> relax
  • intermediate-advanced & advanced–> challenge

If you are a Solo Pass holder, you’ll choose your group when registering.

Included in: Full Pass, Solo Pass

Discovery Classes

Discovery Classes

Both Saturday and Sunday, you’ll be able to choose between 3 classes of 1,5 hours to widen your dance horizons. House, Hip-Hop, Afrofusion and even a session to improve your skills as a DJ.

To guide you in the exploration of these other dances: Quinndy Akeju (Afrofusion), Laetycia Vumuka (House and Hip-Hop) and Ivan Larsson (House and Afrofusion).

To think about and understand better the crucial role DJs have in our community, you’ll be guided by the Backbeat resident DJs (led by Yoann and Tessa), who have been researching this topic with joy and rigor for years now.

Included in: Full Pass, Lindy Pass, Solo Pass, Discovery Pass


We offer 5 different groups of Lindy Hop, and 2 groups of Solo Jazz. Please read the group description below before making your choice!



The swing out? What’s a swing out? It’s a cool name, but I’ve no idea what it refers to.`


The swing out? Yes, I did learn the swing out. It’s been a few months, or maybe even a year. I love doing swing outs during parties. But it can be challenging when the tempo goes up.`


The swing out? Yes, I know pretty well what that is. I’ve been practicing it for more than a year now. It’s a really cool step. I know some variations thereof which I particularly enjoy: they allow me to adapt my dancing to the feelings the music makes me feel.


The swing-out? O yes, that is a fascinating step indeed! It’s been more than two years now that it was first introduced to me, and I’m still discovering new ways to play with it, new ways to bent it and twist it.


The swing out? That’s food for my soul. I need some almost every day. Actually, I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve spent a whole week without swinging out. For me, lindy hop is more than a simple hobby: it’s been a passion for a long time now, and I’m constantly trying to widen my swinging horizon, to discover new playgrounds, and new ways to express myself.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: if you register with a Full Pass, your Solo Jazz group will be determined by the choice of your Lindy Hop group, with the following rule:

  • beginner-intermediate & intermediate –> relax
  • intermediate-advanced & advanced –> challenge


You are looking for a relaxed exploration, that softly pushes you a little bit further. Or: dancing solo is rather new to you 🙂

This isn’t a initiation. It is a class with a slow-paced rhythm, for those who like to, or need to, take time to move forward.

Full Pass holders registered in the beginner-intermediate or intermediate Lindy Hop groups join this Solo Jazz group.


You want your limits to be shown to you, so that you can jump over them. You like feeling being a bit lost during classes, and having to struggle to follow. Or: you practice solo dancing often, you find yourself in it; it makes you blossom.

Full Pass holders who register in the intermediate-advanced or advanced Lindy Hop groups join this Solo Jazz group.

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